February 2008 at the Lake

Just a quick view of the snow at the lake this winter. There's plenty of it!

Here's a shot of the road leading into our lake neighborhood. Until yesterday, when a bulldozer came through, this was essentially a slot car track with a tunnel just wide enough for a single small truck.

The road into our property hadn't been bulldozed, so we walked to our neighbor's house to get as close as possible. Here's the scene that greeted us when we reached our property line:

That is not an illusion. The snow really IS that deep. Notice how the door and windows are obscured. There's been a little drifting, but not much. When we started "walking" across the parking area we were up to our waists in snow. Walking was more like "high stepping". Mary's boots kept getting sucked off her feet. Christopher, having less weight and substantially less PSI on his feet, didn't sink in as far and thought it was great fun. Coral and her buddy Bailey had the highest PSI of all (medium weight but proportionally smaller feet) and sank straight to the bottom.

We finally made it across, got inside to fetch the loader keys, dug out the loader, and got to work clearing a walking path.

Here's a closeup of the gate at the top of our driveway:

Much of the snow on the roof had slid off thanks to the metal roofing material that is designed for specifically that purpose. However, some still lingered:

The docks on the lake are now almost completely obscured by snow. They're still under there, but as the snow deepens the edges get lost and things smooth out.

We're not likely to be dashing down to the beach anyway - unless someone feels like shoveling out the stairs!

After a couple of hours clearing a path, running the ATV engines, checking things at the house, etc. it was time to head back to Spokane. Mary and Christopher stopped next to the snow on the road so we could take this picture and give you an idea of just how deep it is this year.

The good news is that all this snow bodes well for a great year of water in the rivers (kayaking) which leads to water in the lakes (everything else). Warmer weather will be here soon... start planning accordingly!